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Cultivating a Sustainable Future

The Future of Farming is Here. This is Where Innovation and Agriculture Meet.

Who are we?

Green Eden Farms is a pioneering agric-tech company based in the picturesque city of Jos, nestled in the heart of Plateau State, Nigeria. We are dedicated to revolutionizing the agricultural landscape by localizing greenhouse technology while aligning with international best practices in crop production. Our commitment to innovation, sustainable practices, and community empowerment sets us apart as a leader in the agric-tech industry.

Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful and most noble employment of man. 

George Washington

Former US President.

Features Of Our Greenhouses

Discover the Future of Farming! Step inside our cutting-edge greenhouses, where the future of agriculture is taking root. Our semi controlled environments, powered by smart sensor technology, revolutionize crop cultivation.

Environmental Stewardship

Learn about our commitment to reducing environmental impact through organic farming practices, integrated pest management, and responsible resource use.

Year-Round Production

Witness year-round crop cultivation, unaffected by external weather conditions, ensuring a stable food supply and promoting food security.

Resource Efficiency

Explore how we minimize water usage by up to 90% compared to traditional farming, reduce chemical inputs, and optimize resource utilization for maximum efficiency.

Hands-On Learning

Our greenhouses aren't just farms; they are living classrooms, where students, researchers, and community members gain hands-on experience in sustainable agriculture.

Who are We?

Core Values


Our Mission

To advance agriculture and synthesizing it with cutting edge technology.


To be a global leader in sustainable agriculture and agric-tech, empowering youth to drive innovation, transform communities.

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Jos Address: Road 8, Street 8b, Haske Quarters, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria

Head Office II

Abuja Contact Address: Plot 609 David Jemibewon Crescent, Gudu, Abuja, Nigeria

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