Empowering 100 Women in Agriculture

Green Eden: Empowering Women in Agriculture in Plateau State

In a transformative initiative, Green Eden Farms has taken strides to empower women in the Fobur community of Jos east, Plateau State, Nigeria. Stephanie Meltus, the 21-year-old CEO and Co-founder and Theophilus Maimako, COO and Co-founder displayed their unwavering dedication to sustainable agriculture extending to uplifting in the communities.

Recognizing the critical role women play in agriculture, Green Eden organized a training program benefiting over 100 women in Fobur. The program covered various aspects of modern farming, from crop cultivation to harvest and irrigation techniques. It’s more than just agriculture; it’s about independence, self-sufficiency, and economic empowerment.

Stephanie’s leadership and hands-on training are providing these women with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in agriculture. The positive impact extends beyond the fields; it’s about enhancing livelihoods, ensuring food security, and fostering gender equality.

Green Eden is proving that the future of agriculture lies not only in technology but also in empowering the women who are the backbone of our communities. Stay tuned to learn more about Stephanie’s journey and the women she’s inspiring through her work.